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Treating general orthopedic conditions with a manual-therapy approach, Kinetix Physical Therapy in Gainesville, FL is distinguished for its success in helping patients with spine-related dysfunctions, pelvic health conditions, vestibular rehabilitation and auto-accident related issues.

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    Kinetix Physical Therapy helps patients with many different conditions. Visit our Conditions Library to view common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help you.

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    We stress a scientific approach combined with compassionate care and exceptional patient service to help you return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

auto injuries

We will work with your physician and insurer to help you recover as quickly as possible after a motor vehicle accident.

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Upcoming Workshop

Free Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop
September 7 Saturday
Time 10 AM
Location 2839 SW 87th Drive Gainesville, FL 32608
Free Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cuff Workshop
September 21 Saturday
Time 10 AM
Location 2839 SW 87th Drive Gainesville, FL 32608


I came to Kinetix with neck pain, stemming from a car accident, that was preventing me from enjoying my everyday life – everything from sports and weightlifting to simply reading.  Josh, Albert, and Raj worked with me to restore my range of motion and eliminate my pain fast.  My...


Isabelle sprained her neck on a gym trampoline and had lots of pain with movement.  She had to sit out of cheer for a month.  Now after two months she is pain-free and back to full activity.  Isabelle loves to read, and her neck really hindered her ability to...

Ernest (Dad)

Dr. Scott Eddins and associates were exceptional to help me stretch, exercise, and strengthen where needed.  Yes, I avoided surgery because of Scott!  No more pain meds needed.  Now it’s up to me to follow Scott’s professional directives.  I will always recommend Kinetix to whomever needs some PT.  All...


Since I came to Kinetix, my quality of life has changed drastically.  I spent most of my time laying in bed and could mostly only drink my food because I couldn’t chew or even fit a spoon in my mouth.  I can now do most of the activities I...


I had shingles, then 2 weeks later developed left facial Bells Palsy.  When I started I couldn’t blink my left eye or smile on the left side.  Now on my last day my smile is back, I’m able to close my left eye, and my numbness has gone almost...


The ultimate foot orthotics that naturally fit your feet, used by people all around the world from elite and recreational sports people to those who are on their feet at work all day.

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Providing you with custom health products and programs tailored to fit your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

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20th August, 2019

Improve Your Overall Health With These 6 Physical Therapy Benefits

Are your muscles sore, tired, or achy throughout the day? Have you been recovering from an injury or surgical...

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10th August, 2019

Treatment Without the Side Effects – A Safe and Natural Alternative to Painkilling Drugs

Pain can seriously impede one’s quality of life. It can make day-to-day functions difficult to manage. However, pain can...

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20th July, 2019

Say Goodbye to Persistent Tension Headaches With Physical Therapy

The third most common pain complaint across the world is the all-too-common headache. Headaches can impact your everyday life...

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