Treating general orthopedic conditions with a manual-therapy approach, Kinetix Physical Therapy in Gainesville, FL, is distinguished for its success in helping patients with spine-related dysfunctions, musculoskeletal pain, vestibular rehabilitation and auto-accident related issues.

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    We stress a scientific approach combined with compassionate care and exceptional patient service to help you return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

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    Kinetix Physical Therapy helps patients with many different conditions. Visit our Conditions Library to view common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help you.

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In Florida, you can be seen by a physical therapist for up to 30 days for treatment without a referral.

Try Physical Therapy first!

Evidence supports early intervention in the treatment of sprains and injuries as well as post-operative care.



When I began physical therapy, I was very hopeless, because of two accidents just five days apart from each other. After a couple weeks of doing strengthening exercises for my back and also being consistent with exercising at home, I saw a difference with my body.

Aja C.

Before I started PT, I had trouble balancing and had a lot of pain in my ankle and knee. I’m so thankful that I was able to come to Kinetix. I’m able to stand on one leg much longer than I have in a long time. I have more strength in my leg and can walk around now without any pain.

Anne H.

When I initially came to Kinetix Physical Therapy, my neck, shoulders and even my arms were extremely distressed with pain. Tony was my therapist and he was so attentive and gracious. The pain was reduced dramatically when he worked on my neck. Jason always targeted the culprit areas, especially my first rib, and that really alleviated almost 100% of the pain.

Barbara R.

In Week 1, all activities were hard because of my leg pain. In week 2, the activities were becoming a little easier. By week 3, My leg was 90% better and my life was good at work and home. In week 4, I started feeling like an old pro!

Bill P.

I came to Kinetix PT for my tennis elbow. My arm was swollen and I was unable to straighten it. After PT, I am now able to straighten my arm and play with my grandchildren! Thanks to my PT, Jason Candler!


I had incurred a back injury that caused extreme pain. I could not stand up straight or walk for any distance. My doctor prescribed physical therapy at Kinetix. My PT, Scott Eddins, and crew analyzed my problem and came up with a treatment plan consisting of a progressive set of stretches and exercises. After just one session, I was able to stand normally and walk a good distance without any difficulty. After four weeks of therapy, I feel I can return to my normal level of activity.

Don H.

It’s hard to even remember how incapacitated I was, only 6-7 weeks ago. Now I am back to normal activities- stretching and strengthening has been a great benefit. I’m still hoping that all back pain will disappear, but I will certainly keep working to increase those chances. Katherine has “magic fingers”, her manual therapy is heavenly. Thanks, Tony Cere!


I am really pleased with the progress I made with my physical therapy. Scott Eddins and the other staff at Kinetix were all really helpful. I am now able to do all the activities I enjoyed (working out and gardening!). With the exercises Scott had me do, my back pain has virtually disappeared. Thank you so much for helping me get back to being me!


I came in with vertigo. Fortunately, it was the kind that PT could fix. Two weeks later and I am much better. Thanks to Tony Cere and Eric Nadler! Also, I had the laser therapy for shoulder pain and it has helped tremendously.


Before doing PT at Kinetix, I was barely able to go up and down the stairs because my knee would flair up. I also had a lot of trouble getting up and sitting down. Manual therapy was very helpful in relieving pain and the exercises helped strengthen my knee and get me back a lot quicker than I thought I would. Thank you, Kinetix!

Adham O.

I was two months out of SLAP surgery when I came to Kinetix. My range of motion was much more limited and I had not made great progress during that time. At Kinetix, Dr Tony Cere and Heather Alberico took great care to ensure I was receiving superior quality physical therapy. Not only that, but they worked with me to ensure I had a competent exercise plan at home too. They were always friendly and nice to talk to as well!


Before physical therapy I could barely lift or grip with my left hand. After physical therapy, I feel as if my hand and wrist are both stronger. I’m back to my normal work duties with full sensation in both. My physical therapist Joshua Elam, his PTA Carter Meyers, and Austin were awesome and challenged me to improve both my grip and overall strength. They really got me to achieve results.

Caleb R.

My visit, to Kinetix, has been very good. I am pleased with the result since coming here. When I started, I had problems with standing, walking, and dizziness. Since that time, I am not experiencing any dizziness and I am able to walk and stand better. My PT, Tony Cere, and all the staff are great and I enjoyed my experience here. Thank you so much!


My story began after a work-related accident that tore various tendons in both shoulders. While awaiting surgery on my right arm, he made a plan to help with the pain I was having. Sleeping in bed was painful so I had to sleep in a recliner and couldn’t lift or reach. After surgery, Tony and his awesome PTA, Eric Nadler, helped me to regain range of motion. Lucky for me, Kinetix had just received the deep tissue laser.

Dan M.

My time here has been enlightening! The exercises I have learned are so helpful and I can and will continue them at home. The staff here is the best, and they are so friendly and fun! My therapist was Rafael Cui, he was superior in his instruction and has helped me so much. He is #1! I feel much stronger now all thanks to Kinetix.

Dorothea M.

Before PT, I would get a dizzy/spinning feeling when turning over in bed. I’d also get dizzy during some yoga movements. When getting up from my desk, on several occasions, I couldn’t even walk a straight line. All those symptoms are gone!

Susan W.

efore coming to Kinetix I experienced vertigo and dizzy spells daily. I was extremely frustrated and began to modify my behaviors to avoid an episode. After therapy, I no longer experience vertigo and only very rarely have dizzy spells. Tony and the rest of the team were understanding, patient, and friendly. I am so thankful they were able to help!


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We help patients with a variety of conditions.

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We Use A Scientific Treatment Approach.

A distinguished reputation for its scientific approach to treating general orthopedic conditions with a manual therapy approach for school-aged children to geriatric clients.

We Have Success With Helping Patients.

Our practice has acquired distinction with our success in helping patients with spine-related dysfunctions, musculoskeletal pain and auto-accident related issues, left untreated, can seriously impact quality of life.


We will help you meet or exceed your goals with exceptional care yielding real results.

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