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Treating general orthopedic conditions with a manual-therapy approach, Kinetix Physical Therapy in Gainesville, FL is distinguished for its success in helping patients with spine-related dysfunctions, pelvic health conditions, vestibular rehabilitation and auto-accident related issues.

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    Kinetix Physical Therapy helps patients with many different conditions. Visit our Conditions Library to view common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help you.

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    We stress a scientific approach combined with compassionate care and exceptional patient service to help you return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

auto injuries

We will work with your physician and insurer to help you recover as quickly as possible after a motor vehicle accident.

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My shoulder was hurting so I knew that Kinetix Physical Therapy was a great place to rehab. Tony, my physical therapist, figured out quickly what was wrong and designed a plan for me. I was lucky to have a “team” of staff and interns who guided me through my...

Linda B.

When I came to Kinetix Physical Therapy, I had difficulty picking up something from the floor or even putting on my socks. Walking was painful in my lower back and leg. Pain has now been remedied and I can resume my normal activities, including playing golf. Thanks, Tony Cere!

Don T.

I had trouble with my core strength and my balance when I started at Kinetix with my PT, Scott Eddins. I can now walk without holding on to something! I can now step up or down without losing my balance! I can now stand up from a seated position...

Shirley M.

My experience was very educational. I did not realize the extent to which my neck was involved in my problem. My vertigo had subsided by the time I had my appointment, however I still had some residual equilibrium issues. The PT exercises made me feel that I can now...

Coni S.

I did not know what to expect when I began the eight sessions. At the end of the eight sessions I was very pleased and satisfied with the treatment and the results. Using your description of my symptoms and Kinetix’s own new patient questionnaire and patient oral interview, a...

Rosalyn M.

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