Internship Programs

At Kinetix PT, you will experience the patient-centered environment of a close-knit clinic that strives to maximize patient outcomes, provide exceptional customer service, and advanced clinical education to students in the fields of physical therapy, exercise physiology and sport science, health sciences, and health education and behavior. ​One of the core values Kinetix staff has is the drive to “raise the bar” and make concerted efforts to advance the physical therapy profession as a whole. We believe this starts at the educational level and students who do internships with our team see this first-hand and receive individual guidance and coaching to shape the future of our profession. Kinetix provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students as well as doctorate level physical therapy and physical therapy assistant interns to apply the knowledge they have learned in school, ask questions, observe how things operate in a professional physical therapy clinic, and work under experienced and knowledgeable physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to bolster their PT or PTA school applications or future careers in healthcare. Typical duties for our undergrad interns include monitoring patients’ exercise protocols and progressing patients through exercise as well as general clinical duties and involves high level collaboration with our clinicians to understand treatment rationale. Physical therapy students will not only learn to apply the various modalities, manual therapy techniques, and other treatments used by the physical therapists but become skilled and confident in their approach as future clinician. Additionally, all student interns are always encouraged to participate in special events hosted by Kinetix both in the clinic and around our community.    

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming an intern at a cutting edge PT clinic in Gainesville, FL and maximizing your future success, please send a resume and letter of intent to Dr. Scott Eddins at   


I had a 12-week clinical experience at Kinetix Physical Therapy with, Rafael Cui, PT, DPT, as my Clinical Instructor. Over the 12 weeks, I had the opportunity to learn new treatment techniques; grow in my examination, evaluation, intervention, and critical thinking skills; and increase my confidence as a future physical therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside every employee at Kinetix and highly recommend Rafael as a Clinical Instructor. My time at Kinetix has prepared me well to properly treat patients, using evidence-based practice, in the outpatient orthopedic setting; and I am grateful for my time spent there.

Madison McCollough, SPT, Fall 2020

I completed a student rotation at Kinetix PT for my DPT program. I found the staff to be incredibly welcoming and kind. I learned a LOT and always felt free to ask questions. I enjoyed the dynamics of the clinic as well as the variety of diagnoses seen. The employees are very knowledgeable and great educators! The intern/clinical rotation program is organized well and a wonderful opportunity for any student! I truly learned so much and felt right at home! I cannot recommend Kinetix Physical Therapy enough for any student considering rotation sites. Great clinic, great people.

Meredith Thomas, SPT University of Mississippi Medical Center, Spring 2021

My internship at Kinetix Physical Therapy was extremely exciting and inspiring. The way this team of PTs, PTAs, and exercise techs work together so seamlessly is something I will carry with me into my future. The knowledge I gained from working in this fast-paced environment is invaluable, and the level of care I was able to participate in as an intern was the epitome of excellence. A huge thank you to my clinical instructor, Dr. Rafael Cui, for pushing me to dig deeper and develop further both professionally and personally. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have worked alongside such amazing people.

Tyler Gregory - UF Undergraduate Intern, Fall 2020

Dr. Rafael Cui and the rest of the team at Kinetix provided me with a wonderful first clinical rotation experience. Rafael was a great clinical instructor and a perfect example of the type of physical therapist I would like to be in the future. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided me with the tools to become the best clinician I could be. Although it was only 6 weeks long, I am grateful for how much I learned during my experience. My experience at Kinetix will lay the foundation of what type of clinician I want to be in the future. I will surely miss Rafael and the team at Kinetix!

Anthony Tran Student Physical Therapist University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences St. Augustine Campus | Class of 2021

I spent my first clinical rotation with the Kinetix team. For seven weeks, I had the pleasure of having Dr. Scott Eddins as my clinical instructor. From day one, he made it clear that I was able to determine the nature of this experience. He set realistic expectations for a first-time student, and allowed me to move comfortably within those boundaries, but also challenging me to extend past them if I was willing. This freedom allowed me to truly reflect and see where I had the biggest opportunity to grow as a clinician. Each week brought a new goal that Scott and others would help me to achieve. Scott and his entire team were so approachable, willing to answer all the questions I had for them. They all created such a positive and enriching environment for students and patients alike.

Brittany Baker, SPT University of North Florida 2020

I completed my second clinical rotation as a DPT student at Kinetix and I could not have asked for a better experience! Dr. Scott Eddins, my clinical instructor, was an amazing mentor and teacher. I learned so much from him and left this clinical feeling more confident as a future clinician. The whole staff worked so well together and it made for a great learning environment. Everyone was so encouraging and always willing to answer questions. You could tell they really wanted you to succeed. For any new student starting an internship here, know you’re in good hands. I’m truly thankful for my time and experience at Kinetix Physical Therapy.

Courtney Bell, SPT, Brenau University, Fall 2020

I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience. My internship at Kinetix was the most educational 4 months of my life and helped me prepare for PT school. I was accepted into the Kinetix family with open arms and I looked forward to coming into work every day. I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend working in the clinic surrounded by such a great staff. Kinetix is by far the best internship opportunity in Northern Florida for any student interested in Physical Therapy. The doctors, PTAs, and exercise techs did a great job challenging the interns while also facilitating the learning process to maximize the amount I was able to take away from the experience. Dr. Scott Eddins has been a great mentor and a role model to me over my time at Kinetix. I’m very thankful for everything he’s done for me. Any student looking to learn more about the Physical Therapy field or shadow under therapists should reach out to Kinetix to make sure they are learning from the best in Gainesville.

Matt Gabriel, UF-APK intern Summer 2020

I came to Kinetix for my second clinical rotation during PT school.  I came into this rotation not knowing what to expect.  Dr. Scott Eddins, my CI, was amazing and I learned more hands-on skills here than I did in my ortho classes.  Getting to work with all the other students and other clinicians was an awesome experience.  I really enjoyed my time here and feel that I have gained so much knowledge in these few short weeks.  I am so glad that I did my second rotation at Kinetix.

Josh Pate, DPT student, Summer 2020

Today is the final day of my internship with Kinetix and I must say it is difficult to leave. The therapists and students here are all amazing and I have truly enjoyed getting to know them and learning from them. Dr. Rafael Cui has been my clinical instructor and I cannot thank him enough for the things he has shown me and the ways he has helped me grow as a future physical therapist. All of the therapists here truly care for their patients and really want you to feel better. If you have any physical therapy needs, do not hesitate to reach out to this clinic. You will be glad you did.

~Wayne Carney, SPT Intern 2020

How did you become interested in pediatric physical therapy?

I’ve always loved working with children. Children bring me a lot of joy – I was always so happy when I volunteered and worked over the years at daycares, sleep-away camps, and programs. During my time at Kinetix Physical Therapy, my clinical instructor Dr. Rafael Cui let me demonstrate my ideas for fun exercises that we could use with his pediatric patients. He taught me that even as a professional, you can be creative and fun, all the while keeping the patient engaged and working towards goals that they had set.  After working with those patients, I knew that this was the path that I wanted to take.

~Courtney Hersch,UF intern and 2020 UFDPT Class President

Unlike most students who enter physical therapy school right out of undergrad, I had a bachelor of the arts degree and spent several years working as a tech in a PT clinic while taking the necessary courses to apply to PT school. I became despondent when I found many clinics did not offer the time and quality of care that I had become accustomed to providing during my time as a tech. Entering my first clinical rotation as a DPT student, I was ebullient when I found out I was to be working at Kinetix Physical Therapy!  I began my first day with the knowledge of my schooling under my belt, but unsure of how to begin using it for the benefit of my patients.  I was placed with Dr. Rafael Cui as my clinical instructor. Dr. Cui and the team at Kinetix integrated me into clinical practice in a way that made me feel more comfortable and confident with every patient I treated.  The sagacity that Dr. Cui expressed when treating patients is something I hope to emulate one day. Kinetix is multifarious with the types conditions that are treated, and I learned how to treat not just common orthopedic injuries, but also vertigo, post-op surgical protocols, and spinal cord injuries.  The thing that made this such a great experience for me was the atmosphere between my co-workers and the patients.  Everyone was upbeat and motivated to provide the best patient care they could, and I found it contagious. I believe this is what separates good clinical experience from a bad one and I thank Dr. Scott Eddins as the CCCE for setting up this clinical rotation with my school.  Owners, Drs. Tony and Melissa Cere, certainly have the perspicacity of experienced clinicians when it comes to creating a clinical environment that benefits students and patients alike.  A huge thank you to Dr. Cui, my undergraduate intern Goda, and the whole team at Kinetix for making my first experience as a practicing clinician one I will never forget!

~ Dan Beebe, UNF Student PT Intern, Summer 2019

Kinetix Physical Therapy was the site of my final clinical rotation as a DPT student and it was by far the best experience a student can have. The team was great at facilitating a learning environment for myself and other students while maintaining a high functioning clinic at the same time. The staff and culture at Kinetix is awesome – everyone is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and has something special and unique to bring to the table. As a student, it was great to be able to participate in outreach events and workshops to really get the full experience of what it’s like to be a PT. Scott is the Greatest CI of All Time. He is a natural teacher and was very approachable from day one – to the point where he became a career mentor for me. He found the perfect balance between guiding me in some things and really letting me feel like a staff PT with other things. I have learned things from Scott that I will carry on as a licensed clinician for years to come. If you are interested in outpatient physical therapy, this is the place to be! This was the perfect experience to bridge into the licensed PT world. Gainesville, FL has a special place in my heart because of Kinetix.

~ Mo Tabani, SPT, University of St. Augustine, Miami, FL, Fall 2019

Out of the many places a 4th year undergrad could choose to complete his internship, Kinetix Physical Therapy is undoubtedly the best. Nowhere else do you get the same kind of hands-on experience in such a friendly and relaxed environment. As an intern, I was given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a wide variety of patients, and as I took them through their exercises, I always felt as though I was an important member of the team. In addition, under the mentorship of wonderful PTs such as Dr. Scott Eddins, my knowledge, skills and confidence grew.

As for the staff, I have never met a more friendly group of clinicians and experts. The owners of Kinetix, Drs. Tony and Melissa Cere, have created the perfect balance between camaraderie and professionalism, and I always felt like a part of the family. I sincerely hope that one day I can return to Kinetix for my clinical internship as a DPT student at UF.

Special thanks to Dr. Scott Eddins and Mr. Josh Miller for providing the experience and mentorship needed to carry me to new heights.

~Brian Turney, UF APK Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2019

My internship experience at Kinetix was beyond incredible. At Kinetix, I was surrounded by superb physical therapists and PTAs but what made the experience so unique was the learning environment that they fostered. All undergraduate and DPT interns had the motivation to learn every day. DPT students took every opportunity to teach and lead the path for future PTs. I have learned so much to prepare me for my future. The team at Kinetix is really a family and I’m so happy to have been a part of it. Thank you to my CI, Josh Miller, and Scott for giving me all the opportunities to grow as a health care professional and student. If you’re looking for an internship, look no further than here. This is where you want to be!

~Nina Llado, UF APK Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2019

Kinetix PT is a truly remarkable place and one that I feel blessed to have attended for my first clinical internship as a DPT student from the University of Florida. I was a volunteer there some years ago, so interning there felt like coming home. From a student’s perspective, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to develop your clinical reasoning and hands-on skills. I feel like I have come a long way, both in my knowledge and confidence as a treating clinician, since coming to this clinic. The people who work at Kinetix are what make it an outstanding place, each taking an active role in providing excellent patient care and unrivaled educational experiences for the students who are lucky enough to learn there.

~ Mitchell Robbins, SPT, University of Florida, DPT Program, Spring 2019

I completed my second DPT student internship at Kinetix and it was an extremely positive experience that I would highly recommend to others. This clinic is exemplary in all aspects of physical therapy practice. This is the clinic you want to be a part of. It is a beacon for learning and growth and there is such a great energy throughout the whole clinic to provide quality patient care. There is a full team of expert clinicians, determined and involved undergraduate and DPT interns, and an educational and ambitious atmosphere. It was a great way to build my confidence and clinical skills.
I owe so much of my great experience at Kinetix to my clinical instructor, Scott Eddins. He is an inspiration and you can tell he has
a vision for growth- for his patients, for Kinetix, for himself as a PT, and for his family. He truly wants his students to excel as well. I always felt that he was dedicated to my education including allowing me to participate in various workshops and events with Kinetix. Although I was only at Kinetix for an 8-week rotation, it was very rewarding. Thank you to Scott, Melissa, Tony, and the entire Kinetix team for this great experience!

~Corie A. Singer, SPT, University of St. Augustine, Flex DPT Student, Spring 2019

It’s been three months since I finished my internship and I can truthfully say that a day doesn’t go by where I don’t think about the Kinetix Team. My time at Kinetix exceeded all my expectations and I am so grateful that I was able to complete my undergraduate internship at such a warm, hospitable, and experienced clinic. As intern, I had the honor of working underneath Dr. Rafael Cui and DPT students Dan and Mark. I’m serious when I say that I learned more throughout the four months of my internship than I had throughout my four years at UF. To me, Dr. Cui was more than a clinical instructor; he was a true role model. He is the type of person who wants to see others succeed and will set each student up with the tools they need to reach their highest potential. During my internship, Dr. Cui went beyond the clinical practice and taught me about professionalism, while instilling confidence and independence in myself. He even taught me a thing or two about fashion since he’s the man with the coolest patterned button-downs!!  Dr. Cui, thank you for being passionate in your work and making each day a learning experience!

To all the other hardworking PT’s, PTA’s, exercise specialists, interns and volunteers, I thank you all for always answering my questions, keeping a light atmosphere and truly making my experience at Kinetix the absolute best.  The Kinetix culture is undoubtfully unique and I thank both Dr. Tony Cere and Dr. Melissa Cere for bringing all these entertaining and energetic professionals together. Special thanks to Dr. Scott Eddins for giving me the initial opportunity to be a part of the team and for all the country songs I learned!!!!  I’m also eternally grateful for all the awesome patients I met!! KINETIX IS THE REAL DEAL!

~Goda Graudinis, UF Health Education and Behavior graduate, 2019

I completed my second clinical rotation as a DPT student at Kinetix Physical Therapy and my experience there was nothing less than amazing! Before starting my internship, I did lots of research on the clinic. I clicked every link on their website and Facebook page; I was extremely excited to begin my journey. I had high expectations for this internship because of all the things I thought I would learn, and I can honestly say that Kinetix went above and beyond my expectations.  I went into the internship a little nervous, but I believe that I am now a BEAST because of Kinetix! I am comfortable treating the usual orthopedic conditions (LBP, RTC injuries, TKA, THA, etc.), TMJ dysfunction, and vestibular disorders such as BPPV. The staff was amazing; everyone was willing to help from the front desk to the rehab team. There was a tremendous spirit of friendship and community amongst this group; I’ve shared so many laughs and memories with them, and I am delighted to have been a part of their family for that short period. The Kinetix environment was very conducive to my learning especially because of my CI, Dr. Scott Eddins. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done. Dr. Eddins has played a HUGE role in helping me become a better clinician. He provided excellent feedback, kept me on my toes with random questions and made sure I was always “comfortably challenged.” I can genuinely say, I’m ready for whatever my next internship throws at me, and I know that I can be a great CI in the future because of him. Kinetix will forever hold a special place in my heart. I highly recommend Kinetix to anyone seeking an internship opportunity.

~Emily Russell, SPT, University of St. Augustine, Miami, FL, Fall 2018

My first clinical rotation was at Kinetix and the people there made it such a wonderful and inspiring experience. The therapists ensure a sound learning environment and provide every opportunity for the student to grow and develop as a future physical therapist. Every Kinetix staff member has the patient in mind first and they all truly have hearts to serve. The Kinetix team is a tight-knit group with a common vision and honest leadership. As a student, I now feel more confident in my abilities and in my understanding of what it means to be an exceptional physical therapist. If you are an SPT looking for recommendations for a clinic rotation, Kinetix should be at the top of your list. I am very thankful for my time at Kinetix!

~Tripp Calhoun, SPT, Brenau University, Gainesville, GA, Fall 2018

My experience as a Physical Therapy student as Kinetix Physical Therapy was life changing for my career and my own personal growth. This was my first clinical setting. I had a certain idea in mind of what I would experience and what I would be doing as a doctorate student, my Clinical Instructor Dr. Scott Eddins, the clinic staff, and clinic owners far exceeded my expectations. I felt at home in Gainesville, even though I was hundreds of miles away from my roots, thanks to Kinetix staff and patients. Not only did I learn from diverse clinical experiences, I had the opportunity to participate in community outreach clinics and gained confidence as a future PT. I could write so many great things about Scott, my CI, and Kinetix PT, but to wrap this up I will say thanks!! To any students looking for an internship/clinical site, I would highly recommend Kinetix!

~Nathan DeMarco, MS, SPT, University of St. Augustine, Austin TX, Fall 2018

Being a DPT intern at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Everyone in the clinic: the front desk staff, the therapists, exercise physiologists, and volunteers create an excellent learning environment. I looked forward to coming in to work every day and see what each day had to offer. Everyone is so willing to teach and is open to any questions I may have. The confidence in my abilities increased tremendously during my time here, and it is all thanks to the Kinetix team and wonderful patients for allowing me to have a great learning experience.

~Ana Potes, SPT, St. Augustine FL, DPT Program, Fall 2018

Kinetix Physical Therapy holds a special place in my heart. When I first started volunteering here, I wasn’t sure if physical therapy was my career goal. However, after working at such a rewarding and hands-on clinic, I quickly grew fond of this environment. Interning at Kinetix was one of the greatest undergraduate experiences I could have received and I am extremely grateful for working alongside and befriending the entire staff. I highly recommend Kinetix for anyone interested in the field!

~Sana Mahmood, University of Florida Intern, Summer 2018

I came for Kinetix for my 2nd of 3 internships as a DPT student from the University of St. Augustine to experience my first out patient orthopedic rotation. Scott Eddins has been my clinical instructor and immediately made me feel welcome among the rest of the Kinetix team. My doubts about what my knowledge, skills and abilities were put to rest as I immediately engaged in hands on experiences and opportunities with examinations/evaluations and treating patients using my manual therapy skills and therapeutic exercise knowledge. Scott and the entire team welcomed me into their family for 2 months, easily making this place my home away from home and somewhere I would hope to return to in a more permanent position. I have become a more confident soon-to-be practicing clinician because of Scott’s guidance and the learning opportunities with each team member and patient. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, be challenged and grow exponentially, this is the place for you! Thank you Kinetix team, you will be missed.

~Breanne Blackham, SPT, University of St. Augustine student intern, Summer 2018

As a 4th year Health Education and Behavior student, from UF, I had the pleasure of completing my final semester internship, at Kinetix Physical Therapy. All of the staff were more than willing to help with any questions I had and were glad to teach me. My clinical instructor, Eric Nadler, was the best and helped me learn so much and because of him I am prepared for my future endeavors. I would also like to thank Scott Eddins and the rest of the team for being such great people to work with. Also, a big thanks to the front office for keeping Kinetix running smoothly. You guys rock!

~Felipe Jimenez, Summer 2018, UF Undergraduate Intern

My time as an intern at Kinetix was the most valuable, rewarding experience I’ve had during my time as a college student. Working along side some amazing Physical Therapist not only provided a wealth of knowledge but proved a mentoring that taught me valuable lessons in professionalism and clinical application. My clinical instructor Scott and his student Physical Therapists Jake, Emily, Breanne, and Logan made every day working with patients a fun learning experience. I recommend Kinetix to any student or person looking to challenge themselves and who have the passion to pursue a career in physical therapy or any other professional endeavor.

~ Kevin Heminger, Summer 2018, UF Undergraduate Intern

After completing my undergraduate internship for the University of Florida here at Kinetix I can honestly say that the experience proved to be more beneficial than I ever imagined. I began as a volunteer in the summer of 2017 and completed my full-time internship during the summer of this year, 2018. During this time I had the opportunity to grow as a student, taking my knowledge and experience that I learned in the class room and apply it to a real world setting while working one on one with a variety of patients. Everything about Kinetix is top tier from the front office staff to the therapists who are all extremely good at what they do, making the experience for new interns and volunteers that much easier. The therapists constantly provided me with knowledge of the field of physical therapy during both my volunteering and my internship. Every time I had a question about something they always proved to be very helpful and insightful. I cannot say enough good things about my experience.

-Austin Moore, UF APK Undergraduate Intern, Summer 2018

Kinetix believes in its students and utilizes their skills on a daily basis. A student can learn by observing but I find that the best way to learn is by teaching and doing. Here, students are given the opportunity to show their knowledge on anatomy and other topics in physical therapy. This allows the student to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie so they can be more prepared for their careers and have an advantage on those just starting PT school. Just as important, students can connect with the patient and make it an enjoyable experience for them so their personable skills also improve. I have loved my experience here with the patients and staff!

~Dallas Piggott, Spring 2018 UF Intern

I am truly thankful to Kinetix Physical Therapy for providing the opportunity to intern! This experience has for sure helped me in versing myself on body movement and building up my confidence in being able to work with a patient. I believe my time at Kinetix will help me be competitive if not stand out from my peers at physical therapy school.

Krystahl Robles, Spring 2018

I am a 3rd year DPT student from D’Youville college in Buffalo NY and I had the pleasure of spending my last clinical experience with Kinetix Physical Therapy. It was an amazing experience that I am happy I was able to have. All of the staff are amazing and very welcoming and everyone is so willing to teach and help. It was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had and I would recommend this site to anyone and everyone!

~Cassie Cole, Spring 2018, D’Youville College DPT program

I interned at Kinetix for my final rotation during my doctor of physical therapy program at UF. Kinetix is very geared towards education, both for the patients and the interns. Sharing of information on the most recent evidence is encouraged, with presentations and manual therapy skill practice occurring weekly. The constant implementation of evidence-based techniques and hands on care has an incredibly positive effect on patient outcomes and perception of care. The skilled and affable staff here made this an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience.

~Robert Christy, Spring 2018, University of Florida DPT program

I completed my undergraduate APK internship at Kinetix Physical Therapy and it was a great experience. I was able to apply the knowledge that I had gained over the past 4 years to a clinical setting. As an intern, we had the opportunity to work hands on with patients which allowed me to create meaningful relationships with them, making the internship more rewarding as I could watch them positively progress. The staff at Kinetix constantly challenged us to think and I felt that I was continually learning throughout the semester, even though I was no longer in the classroom. I feel ready to work in this field knowing that I have a great foundation and background because of this internship. Thanks to all the staff at Kinetix for making this experience so great!

~Jessica Zimmon Spring 2018, Undergrad Intern

After volunteering and interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy for 9 months and a total of 1100 hours, I can honestly say that the time spent there has been invaluable. Kinetix and it’s incredible staff has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. Interns are treated as team members and are given responsibilities that help you gain hands-on experience in the clinic while always under the supervision of a Physical Therapist. The physical therapists are passionate towards the patients and dedicated to passing their knowledge and love of Physical Therapy to the volunteers and interns. Educating and learning while volunteering was always a high priority. Working with patients and taking part in their rehabilitation journey was truly rewarding. After Kinetix, I felt confident in my abilities and excited about my future in pursuing a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

~Collin Dieffenbach, Spring and Fall 2017

This was my final clinical rotation as a graduate student for Florida A&M University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program and I can say the eight weeks that I have spent at Kinetix have been absolutely amazing!!! Every staff member at Kinetix goes above and beyond to provide quality care to their patients and makes sure that every patient is satisfied with their experience. This was the perfect environment for me to flourish and expand my skills as a practicing student clinician. Tony, my clinical instructor, provided me with the tools and guidance that I needed to excel at Kinetix Physical Therapy. The entire staff welcomed me with open arms and made me part of the Kinetix team during my eight week internship. Kinetix Physical Therapy provided me an opportunity to explore and learn areas of the physical therapy “world” that I was not able to experience with my previous internships. I was able to gain valuable experience, that I can add to my resume, by treating patients with TMJ disorders and vestibular dysfunction. I was also able to treat patients with various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries or pathologies and fine tune my manual therapy and examination/evaluation skills. This internship was more than ideal for me as it challenged me to be my best and further my development towards a future physical therapist. Lastly, I would like to give a big shout out to Tony, Scott, Wayne, Eric, Jason, James, Breanna, Reba, and Tiffany for the great laughs and fun time we had together. An overall rewarding and fulfilling experience.

~Hardik Patel, SPT, Florida A&M University DPT 2017

I am so grateful for the opportunity to intern at Kinetix. Throughout the semester, I learned something new every day and had a great time developing personal relationships with our patients and staff. All the PTs were always open and able to answer any questions the interns had, while challenging us to learn more on our own. Being able to watch patients progress and walk away pain-free has made me so excited to enter the field of physical therapy. As I prepare to start Physical Therapy school, I know that my hands-on experience at Kinetix has prepared me to succeed as a student and future PT. I could not have asked for a better way to finish up my undergraduate education!

~Leah Mulholland, Spring 2017

I completed my Applied Physiology and Kinesiology internship here at Kinetix Physical Therapy during my last semester at UF. Being an intern at Kinetix was an amazing experience. It was a great transition from college to the “real world.” I have gained a holistic view of the human body and of medicine. I aspire to become a Physician Assistant, and with the skills I have learned here at Kinetix, I know I will be a better healthcare provider. I have learned that rehabilitation is a wonderful alternative to medication in some cases. I will be forever thankful for the people I have met and the experiences I have had here at Kinetix.

~Matthew Guibernau, Spring 2017

Interning at Kinetix has been a wonderful, hands on experience. The staff and physical therapists were always available to answer questions and explain the anatomy behind exercises. The confidence that they projected allowed me to become confident in guiding patients through exercises and to answer patient questions. They taught me how to administer infrared light, ultrasound, and E-STIM. It was great being able to build relationships with patients just like the physical therapists do. Additionally, being able to guide patients through exercises from their evaluations through graduations always left me knowing that I had made a difference in their quality of life.

~Scott Aackerman Spring 2017

My time at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been very productive. The staff are all very friendly and a family atmosphere is the foundation of the clinic. I feel as though this internship has been a wonderful opportunity to put into practice all that I’ve learned thus far in my undergraduate degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. Additionally I believe that this internship has prepared me quite well for physical therapy school in the fall. This was definitely not an easy experience however as all of us interns had to learn how to multi-task in what can at times be a high stress environment. From my additional experience I believe this is widely true of private practice outpatient physical therapy. I was privileged to see progression in patients and inspired to one day be the best PT I could be. My two clinical instructors, Beth and Eric, did an exceptional job at talking with me about the reasons why they prescribed treatment to patients, and investing in me as a person. Thank you Kinetix for a strong end to my undergraduate education.

~Jeff Swahlan, Spring 2016, University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

As an undergraduate intern at Kinetix, I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge gained over the last four years in class to a clinical setting. Working hands on with patients has allowed me to gain personal and meaningful relationships, which made seeing their day to day progress that much more rewarding. The staff at Kinetix was extremely helpful in making it a smooth transition from volunteer to full time intern, and they always took time to answer questions.

~Chris Fuller, Spring 2016, University of Florida Undergratuate Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been a rewarding and valuable experience. The physical therapists, volunteers and other interns work hard to develop friendly relationships and establish a great environment for learning. During this time, I have been able to further develop my professionalism skills and my ability to multitask. My time in the clinic was also an opportunity to apply my undergraduate education from UF to my clinical experience. I will take the knowledge and experience I gained this semester to graduate school in the Fall. Joy was my CI during this internship; she taught me about pelvic health as well as the orthopedic side of the clinic. She is a friendly, skilled physical therapist who is accommodating and knowledgeable in her teaching. Overall, my internship experience was challenging, rewarding and an integral piece of my further clinical development.

~Rachel Stephenson Spring 2016 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The staff, therapists, interns and volunteers are all friendly and personable, making for a comfortable working environment. Everyone works well as a team to ensure the best treatment available for patients. I was presented with several different learning opportunities and had the opportunity to hone in on my examination/evaluation, manual therapy, and pelvic health skill set. All of the physical therapists were open to providing advice and guidance along my path here and I improved my clinical skill set thanks to their assistance. I would highly recommend interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy, it was a very rewarding experience.

~Stephanie Daniels, Spring 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of Florida, 3rd year Intern

I am just finishing up my last internship for the University of Florida Doctorate of Physical Therapy program here at Kinetix. Tony and his crew go above and beyond to provide quality care for their patients. The atmosphere here is great and the entire staff is exceptionally personable and friendly. I highly recommend this clinic and would definitely seek treatment here if I were in need of physical therapy.

~Jason Candler, Spring 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of Florida, 3rd year Intern

I did a volunteer internship at Kinetix with Dr. Melissa Cere. I am so grateful for the opportunity that you gave me. I am just finishing up my first internship here in Brazil and everything went so well for me. I was so much more prepared than I could have imagined. You and your team taught me so many important things while I was there and I can’t thank you enough. I miss every second of my time in the United States and I hope I can go back soon!

~Maya Rangel, volunteer internship, Summer 2015

I could not be in the position I am today without your help and for that, I am forever grateful to you and the Kinetix Physical Therapy family. The knowledge and skills I gained during my senior internship, proved invaluable during several interviews where it was the highlight of our conversation and further, my clinical resume. On more than one occasion this past year, my EMT professors and medical school interviewers would agree that my background knowledge allowed me to stand out amongst my peers. I do not believe I would have received this experience at any other clinic and thus, I am indebted for the opportunity to intern at Kinetix.

~Jonathan Singh, Summer 2014, University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

My name is Manali Patel. I am a current first year PT student, and Kinetix Physical Therapy was a large stepping-stone in my process of entering physical therapy school. I started off volunteering, and after a few short months I knew that this clinic was where I wanted to do my full-time internship. The physical therapists at Kinetix are so kind and driven to help the students learn. I had a lot of hands-on experience, as well as one on one time with the patients while directing them through exercises. As an intern, I was continuously learning, so I had a lot of questions. All the therapists were willing to sit down and answer my questions and even show me techniques and hints they learned in school. Spending a full day at Kinetix never felt like work, but rather a chance to learn about the field I wanted to go into. My experience at Kinetix was much more than I expected from an internship. I was able to take initiative with patients’ exercises and I felt like I was truly contributing their progression. The patients were always welcoming and friendly to the student-interns, so it made the process easier. They appreciated the personal connection I made with them, and it showed them I truly cared about their physical health.

~Manali Patel, Summer ’12 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Thank you for such a great opportunity. I have learned more in the past 3 months than I ever thought possible. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful Kinetix staff and family. I will miss all of you so much! Thanks again!

~Courtney Garrett, Summer ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Dear Kinetix Staff, I wanted to thank all of you for making my internship experience the very best I could have hoped for. I learned so much from each and every one of you. Tony and Melissa, thank you for creating such a learning oriented environment. Tony, I’d like to thank you for taking me under your wing and teaching me everything from the joint mobilizations you use on patients to what it’s like to run your own clinic and everything in between. Joey, thank you so much for your thorough explanations to my questions and for some of the valuable information I know I will not learn in PT school. Katrina, thank you for being superwoman in the front office and printing my 8 copies of everything. From you, I learned the behind the scenes operations of a PT clinic. Susan, thank you for taking the time to show me how to do various front office tasks. This will greatly help me with my future employment at Kinetix. Jen, thank you for taking the time to fully answer each and every one of my questions. I have had the distinct pleasure of watching you grow as a physical therapist and I know you will be great. I would also like to thank Matt for his clear and concise teaching. He always made sure I knew the answer to a question when asked by someone else. I look forward to working with all of you and thank you again.

~Travis Wylie, Summer ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

As an Applied Physiology and Kinesiology intern at Kinetix in the Spring of 2011, I worked hands on with patients every day. I was positive that this internship would be insanely overwhelming, as my only prior clinical experience consisted of mere observation; however, I was happy to find that the staff at Kinetix made my transition to their routine extremely seamless. The PTs are always helpful, and I never felt silly asking a question. As an intern, I was able to sit in on evaluations, progress exercise programming accordingly, and monitor patients as they completed their exercise protocols. I learned more about anatomy and biomechanics in four months at Kinetix than I did in four years of college. Working together with another intern taught me a lot about being part of a team, and how to best work together to accomplish goals. I learned valuable lessons from my patients, not just in terms of clinical information, but also in life. It was an amazing opportunity to work with so many different types of patients. I could not have imagined a better internship to have. Thanks, Kinetix!

~ Megan Merkle, CPT, Spring ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy provided me with an invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field of physical therapy and health care in general. Before this internship, I was on the fence about pursuing a career in PT, but Kinetix has really helped to clarify my decision. I am now currently on the path to PT school and have the confidence to do well in my future endeavors thanks to Tony, Melissa and the rest of the Kinetix staff. Being able to work and interact directly with patients of all different ages on a regular basis has really helped build my communication skills and further helped develop my professional demeanor. Tony and the rest of the PT’s are a great resource of information and are always open to any questions, concerns and feedback. Kinetix really does a great job in getting the student involved, showing them the in’s and out’s of working and running a physical therapy clinic, and just getting them prepared for any future career in a professional healthcare setting that he or she plans on pursuing.

~ Gary Leung, Spring ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

As an Applied Physiology and Kinesiology intern at Kinetix Physical Therapy, I had the opportunity to see and work with a wide variety of patients with many different reasons for seeking physical therapy. I was able to practice with the physical therapists and volunteers to improve in my clinical skills, and gain more confidence and a hands-on understanding beyond what I learned in the classroom. One thing that I really enjoyed was the abililty to see the same patients several times a week, and to build a relationship with them as I worked as part of the Kinetix team to help patients to reach their wellness goals. Kinetix emphasizes staying current with the latest research, so I know that I will be more prepared for graduate school and a career in the medical field. All of the physical therapists were positive role models of professionalism and outstanding bedside manner with patients. It was interesting to see how each Physical Therapist might have a different style, but all demonstrated outstanding care and progress with their patients. I also appreciated receiving a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, as well as constructive criticism. Overall, I learned a lot and appreciated how everyone at Kinetix Physical Therapy demonstrated that they cared about me personally. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help!

~Kate Walker, Fall 2010 University of Florida Undergrad Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy was one of the most valuable learning experiences outside the classrooms at UF. I developed skills that weren’t necessarily taught from a textbook such as patient interaction, professionalism, multitasking between jobs, and even developed a stronger work ethic. Tony Cere, DPT facilitated my learning experience by further explaining questions I had with a strong basis of why and how something was done. Overall, my experience at Kinetix PT has greatly prepared me for physical therapy school. Tony Cere, DPT and the rest of the staff at Kinetix PT were very gracious and helpful for allowing me to intern with their company. I am grateful for my internship experience at Kinetix Physical Therapy. I have been able to apply the skills I have obtained at Kinetix to my clinical encounters during medical school – including, but not limited to, bedside manners, continuity of care, and the utilization of evidenced based practice. Tony and Melissa are a wealth of knowledge and were always ready to teach.

~Joshua Nguyen, Summer ’09 University of Florida Undergrad Intern