Internship Programs

If you are a student interested in scheduling an internship or volunteer opportunity at Kinetix Physical Therapy, please email your resume and paragraph of intent to Dr. Scott Eddins, PT, DPT, at

Testimonials from students:

Kinetix Physical Therapy will forever stand out to me as both a unique experience and an outstanding opportunity. I had the privilege of volunteering there for close to two years, far longer than I usually spend at one specific clinic. What kept me coming back semester after semester was the simple fact that there is no better place for students, at any level, to gain real world experience and contribute something meaningful each day. From the perspective of someone who volunteered in as many places as possible, Kinetix is the only facility that I didn’t want to move on from. Across disciplines, across specialties, and across Gainesville, there is no better place to learn. I have often found that clinics have a hard time managing the dual obligations of providing patient care, while at the same time teaching students who have come to receive instruction. Only at Kinetix did I find an outstanding group of professionals who are able to put the patient first and challenge students to learn from every encounter. Ultimately, it is the people who work there that make it something undeniably special. Bright minds and kind hearts reside in each of them, and make it a joy to keep coming back. Whether it is for first-rate patient care, or unrivaled education, Kinetix PT is the place to be.

~Mitchell Robbins, Spring 2015 – Fall 2016, University of Florida Undergraduate Volunteer 

My time at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been very productive. The staff are all very friendly and a family atmosphere is the foundation of the clinic. I feel as though this internship has been a wonderful opportunity to put into practice all that I’ve learned thus far in my undergraduate degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. Additionally I believe that this internship has prepared me quite well for physical therapy school in the fall. This was definitely not an easy experience however as all of us interns had to learn how to multi-task in what can at times be a high stress environment. From my additional experience I believe this is widely true of private practice outpatient physical therapy. I was privileged to see progression in patients and inspired to one day be the best PT I could be. My two clinical instructors, Beth and Eric, did an exceptional job at talking with me about the reasons why they prescribed treatment to patients, and investing in me as a person. Thank you Kinetix for a strong end to my undergraduate education.

~Jeff Swahlan, Spring 2016, University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

As an undergraduate intern at Kinetix, I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge gained over the last four years in class to a clinical setting. Working hands on with patients has allowed me to gain personal and meaningful relationships, which made seeing their day to day progress that much more rewarding. The staff at Kinetix was extremely helpful in making it a smooth transition from volunteer to full time intern, and they always took time to answer questions.

~Chris Fuller, Spring 2016, University of Florida Undergratuate Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been a rewarding and valuable experience. The physical therapists, volunteers and other interns work hard to develop friendly relationships and establish a great environment for learning. During this time, I have been able to further develop my professionalism skills and my ability to multitask. My time in the clinic was also an opportunity to apply my undergraduate education from UF to my clinical experience. I will take the knowledge and experience I gained this semester to graduate school in the Fall. Joy was my CI during this internship; she taught me about pelvic health as well as the orthopedic side of the clinic. She is a friendly, skilled physical therapist who is accommodating and knowledgeable in her teaching.  Overall, my internship experience was challenging, rewarding and an integral piece of my further clinical development.

~Rachel Stephenson Spring 2016 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

I could not be in the position I am today without your help and for that, I am forever grateful to you and the Kinetix Physical Therapy family.  The knowledge and skills I gained during my senior internship, proved invaluable during several interviews where it was the highlight of our conversation and further, my clinical resume.  On more than one occasion this past year, my EMT professors and medical school interviewers would agree that my background knowledge allowed me to stand out amongst my peers. I do not believe I would have received this experience at any other clinic and thus, I am indebted for the opportunity to intern at Kinetix.

~Jonathan Singh, Summer 2014, University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  The staff, therapists, interns and volunteers are all friendly and personable, making for a comfortable working environment.  Everyone works well as a team to ensure the best treatment available for patients.   I was presented with several different learning opportunities and had the opportunity to hone in on my examination/evaluation, manual therapy, and pelvic health skill set.  All of the therapists were open to providing advice and guidance along my path here and I improved my clinical skill set thanks to their assistance. I would highly recommend interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy, it was a very rewarding experience.

~Stephanie Daniels, Spring 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of Florida, 3rd year Intern

I am just finishing up my last internship for the University of Florida Doctorate of Physical Therapy program here at Kinetix.  Tony and his crew go above and beyond to provide quality care for their patients.  The atmosphere here is great and the entire staff is exceptionally personable and friendly.  I highly recommend this clinic and would definitely seek treatment here if I were in need of physical therapy.

~Jason Candler, Spring 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of Florida, 3rd year Intern

I did a volunteer internship at Kinetix with Dr. Melissa Cere. I am so grateful for the opportunity that you gave me. I am just finishing up my first internship here in Brazil and everything went so well for me. I was so much more prepared than I could have imagined. You and your team taught me so many important things while I was there and I can’t thank you enough. I miss every second of my time in the United States and I hope I can go back soon!

~Maya Rangel, volunteer internship, Summer 2015

My name is Manali Patel. I am a current first year PT student, and Kinetix Physical Therapy was a large stepping-stone in my process of entering physical therapy school. I started off volunteering, and after a few short months I knew that this clinic was where I wanted to do my full-time internship.
The physical therapists at Kinetix are so kind and driven to help the students learn. I had a lot of hands-on experience, as well as one on one time with the patients while directing them through exercises. As an intern, I was continuously learning, so I had a lot of questions. All the therapists were willing to sit down and answer my questions and even show me techniques and hints they learned in school. Spending a full day at Kinetix never felt like work, but rather a chance to learn about the field I wanted to go into.
My experience at Kinetix was much more than I expected from an internship. I was able to take initiative with patients’ exercises and I felt like I was truly contributing their progression. The patients were always welcoming and friendly to the student-interns, so it made the process easier. They appreciated the personal connection I made with them, and it showed them I truly cared about their physical health.

~Manali Patel, Summer ’12 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Thank you for such a great opportunity. I have learned more in the past 3 months than I ever thought possible. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful Kinetix staff and family. I will miss all of you so much! Thanks again!

~Courtney Garrett, Summer ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Dear Kinetix Staff, I wanted to thank all of you for making my internship experience the very best I could have hoped for. I learned so much from each and every one of you. Tony and Melissa, thank you for creating such a learning oriented environment. Tony, I’d like to thank you for taking me under your wing and teaching me everything from the joint mobilizations you use on patients to what it’s like to run your own clinic and everything in between. Joey, thank you so much for your thorough explanations to my questions and for some of the valuable information I know I will not learn in PT school. Katrina, thank you for being superwoman in the front office and printing my 8 copies of everything. From you, I learned the behind the scenes operations of a PT clinic. Susan, thank you for taking the time to show me how to do various front office tasks. This will greatly help me with my future employment at Kinetix. Jen, thank you for taking the time to fully answer each and every one of my questions. I have had the distinct pleasure of watching you grow as a physical therapist and I know you will be great. I would also like to thank Matt for his clear and concise teaching. He always made sure I knew the answer to a question when asked by someone else. I look forward to working with all of you and thank you again.

~Travis Wylie, Summer ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Caring, compassionate and dedicated teachers inspire great students and Tony and Melissa Cere have done that for me. Without their willingness and dedication to teaching students I would not be the therapist that I am today. I knew I wanted to become a PT but it was not until I began shadowing Tony and interning at Kinetix PT that I became passionate about the field. Kinetix helped me improve my abilities to work with patients of various ages, enhance my communication skills, improve my professionalism both in the clinic and the classroom and increased my understanding of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. I am currently in my last year of PT school at UF and know that I would not be where I am today without Tony and Melissa. I am so grateful for the experiences that I’ve shared with them and would recommend Kinetix PT to any student who is passionate about becoming a physical therapist!

~Michelle Bowen, Spring ’08 University of Florida Undergrad Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy was one of the most valuable learning experiences outside the classrooms at UF. I developed skills that weren’t necessarily taught from a textbook such as patient interaction, professionalism, multitasking between jobs, and even developed a stronger work ethic. Tony Cere, DPT facilitated my learning experience by further explaining questions I had with a strong basis of why and how something was done. Overall, my experience at Kinetix PT has greatly prepared me for physical therapy school. Tony Cere, DPT and the rest of the staff at Kinetix PT were very gracious and helpful for allowing me to intern with their company.

~Joshua Nguyen, Summer ’09 University of Florida Undergrad Intern

I am grateful for my internship experience at Kinetix Physical Therapy. I have been able to apply the skills I have obtained at Kinetix to my clinical encounters during medical school – including, but not limited to, bedside manners, continuity of care, and the utilization of evidenced based practice. Tony and Melissa are a wealth of knowledge and were always ready to teach.

~Yooni Yi, Spring ’09 University of Florida Undergrad Intern

As an Applied Physiology and Kinesiology intern at Kinetix Physical Therapy, I had the opportunity to see and work with a wide variety of patients with many different reasons for seeking physical therapy. I was able to practice with the physical therapists and volunteers to improve in my clinical skills, and gain more confidence and a hands-on understanding beyond what I learned in the classroom. One thing that I really enjoyed was the abililty to see the same patients several times a week, and to build a relationship with them as I worked as part of the Kinetix team to help patients to reach their wellness goals. Kinetix emphasizes staying current with the latest research, so I know that I will be more prepared for graduate school and a career in the medical field. All of the physical therapists were positive role models of professionalism and outstanding bedside manner with patients. It was interesting to see how each Physical Therapist might have a different style, but all demonstrated outstanding care and progress with their patients. I also appreciated receiving a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, as well as constructive criticism. Overall, I learned a lot and appreciated how everyone at Kinetix Physical Therapy demonstrated that they cared about me personally. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help!

~Kate Walker, Fall 2010 University of Florida Undergrad Intern

As an Applied Physiology and Kinesiology intern at Kinetix in the Spring of 2011, I worked hands on with patients every day. I was positive that this internship would be insanely overwhelming, as my only prior clinical experience consisted of mere observation; however, I was happy to find that the staff at Kinetix made my transition to their routine extremely seamless. The PTs are always helpful, and I never felt silly asking a question. As an intern, I was able to sit in on evaluations, progress exercise programming accordingly, and monitor patients as they completed their exercise protocols. I learned more about anatomy and biomechanics in four months at Kinetix than I did in four years of college. Working together with another intern taught me a lot about being part of a team, and how to best work together to accomplish goals. I learned valuable lessons from my patients, not just in terms of clinical information, but also in life. It was an amazing opportunity to work with so many different types of patients. I could not have imagined a better internship to have. Thanks, Kinetix!

~ Megan Merkle, CPT, Spring ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

Interning at Kinetix Physical Therapy provided me with an invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field of physical therapy and health care in general. Before this internship, I was on the fence about pursuing a career in PT, but Kinetix has really helped to clarify my decision. I am now currently on the path to PT school and have the confidence to do well in my future endeavors thanks to Tony, Melissa and the rest of the Kinetix staff. Being able to work and interact directly with patients of all different ages on a regular basis has really helped build my communication skills and further helped develop my professional demeanor. Tony and the rest of the PT’s are a great resource of information and are always open to any questions, concerns and feedback. Kinetix really does a great job in getting the student involved, showing them the in’s and out’s of working and running a physical therapy clinic, and just getting them prepared for any future career in a professional healthcare setting that he or she plans on pursuing.

~ Gary Leung, Spring ’11 University of Florida Undergraduate Intern

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