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Free Shoulder Workshop

Seats are limited so register now!

Apr 17

Date Saturday, April 17th

Time 10 AM

location 2839 SW 87th Drive Gainesville, FL 32608


Do you suffer from shoulder pain?

Do you have Shoulder Pain with any of the following day to day activities?

  • Reaching Overhead?
  • Reaching into the Back Seat?
  • Reaching Behind Your Back?
  • While you Sleep?

**If you have answered yes to one of the above then our Shoulder Pain Workshop may be right for you…

 Are you looking for permanent relief of your shoulder pain without more medication, injections or surgery?

The shoulder and rotator cuff workshop includes a thorough explanation with a live examination of a member of the audience to address the most common problem areas and cause of shoulder pain:

  • Rotator Cuff (4 muscles in your shoulder)
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Neck and Upper Back

Shoulder pain can totally cramp your style!

  • It can keep you from reaching the tall shelf at store or home.
  • It can take your focus away from enjoying life… like playing sports or with your kids.
  • It can ruin your travel plans…who wants to ask a stranger for help storing or carrying your luggage?
  • It can take away your ability to live life…having to rely on others…or to limit how much you can push yourself.

Seats are limited, so register now!

1-on-1 appointments are available too…

Please call our clinic at (352) 505-6665 if you prefer to schedule a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our Physical Therapists to learn how PT can help you get out of pain naturally!  We are offering 2 options: a FREE discovery/consultation visit or complete evaluation.  The free discovery visit will give similar information that you will learn at the workshop but more focused on YOU.  At an evaluation, your PT will do testing to determine the cause of your pain, give you pain reducing treatment and a plan to get you out of pain fast.  It’s your choice: free workshop, free discovery visit or complete evaluation!  Just call 352-505-6665 and let us know what you prefer.