Rosalyn M.

I did not know what to expect when I began the eight sessions. At the end of the eight sessions I was very pleased and satisfied with the treatment and the results. Using your description of my symptoms and Kinetix’s own new patient questionnaire and patient oral interview, a series of exercises were developed for me. Working with the assigned staff and interns, I was pleased with the exercises and the explanation for each exercise and its desired results. My questions were answered in simple easy to understand ‘patient lay language’ so I knew what to expect and how to execute the exercise. I liked that the exercises were also printed out so I had a ‘hard copy’ reference of what and how to do them at home on my own. The PTs had patience and were encouraging, helping each patient achieve his/her potential. After the first session treatment, I have much more flexibility and mobility of my neck. The eight PT sessions have made a very positive difference for me. Kinetix is a busy and active physical therapy business providing treatment to patients/clients of all ages. I like how staff rotated from visit to visit so the patient had the opportunity to work different PTs. Tony Cere, the owner, oversaw the PT team and as needed participated with the therapy routine. As active as this PT practice is, from my patient’s observation, it is an effective and efficiently run practice with the patients receiving the attention they needed for improvement and recovery. If I need additional therapy, I would certainly use Kinetix again. I would recommend this company and PT team to anyone needing physical therapy. Now all I have to do is have the discipline to do the prescribed daily exercises at home. I appreciate having had these sessions as part of my overall health care.

Rosalyn M.


Rosalyn M.

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