Dan M.

dan martin testimonial kinetix pt

My story began after a work-related accident that tore various tendons in both shoulders. The Kinetix front office team was very friendly and efficient in getting me set up right away with my PT, Tony Cere. While awaiting surgery on my right arm, he made a plan to help with the pain I was having. Sleeping in bed was painful so I had to sleep in a recliner and couldn’t lift or reach. After surgery, Tony and his awesome PTA, Eric Nadler, helped me to regain range of motion. Lucky for me, Kinetix had just received the deep tissue laser, which became an integral part of my therapy, over the next several months. James used the laser while Tony simultaneously did the manual therapy and it really did help with the pain and allowed for better range of motion. When that arm was better, I had surgery on the left shoulder. Again, everyone at Kinetix was there to rehab both shoulders. Today, I had my final visit at Kinetix! My range of motion is great in both shoulders, I’m sleeping in a bed, and I can lift and reach. It’s been a long road to recovery, but I couldn’t imagine going to a more caring and knowledgeable team of professionals than Kinetix. Thanks to the entire Kinetix team!