Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Kinetix with neck pain, stemming from a car accident, that was preventing me from enjoying my everyday life – everything from sports and weightlifting to simply reading.  Josh, Albert, and Raj worked with me to restore my range of motion and eliminate my pain fast.  My neck, back and posture have improved to levels preceding the accident.  I cannot thank them enough!


  • Isabelle sprained her neck on a gym trampoline and had lots of pain with movement.  She had to sit out of cheer for a month.  Now after two months she is pain-free and back to full activity.  Isabelle loves to read, and her neck really hindered her ability to read for more than ten minutes at a time.  Symptoms have disappeared thanks to PT with Dr. Raff, Ethan, and Courtney.  Thanks for your help and care for our 10-year-old daughter.

    Ernest (Dad)

  • Dr. Scott Eddins and associates were exceptional to help me stretch, exercise, and strengthen where needed.  Yes, I avoided surgery because of Scott!  No more pain meds needed.  Now it’s up to me to follow Scott’s professional directives.  I will always recommend Kinetix to whomever needs some PT.  All the best to the entire professional staff.  And thank you to Corie and James also!


  • Since I came to Kinetix, my quality of life has changed drastically.  I spent most of my time laying in bed and could mostly only drink my food because I couldn’t chew or even fit a spoon in my mouth.  I can now do most of the activities I used to enjoy and can eat just about anything.  I completely stopped taking my pain meds as well.  My physical therapy team was Dr. Josh and Raja, they were super cool and helped me get my life back! – Christian


  • I had shingles, then 2 weeks later developed left facial Bells Palsy.  When I started I couldn’t blink my left eye or smile on the left side.  Now on my last day my smile is back, I’m able to close my left eye, and my numbness has gone almost completely.  I’d like to thank the staff and students, Rafael, Josh, and Carter.  They helped me get to this point.  Thank you!


  • Before PT I had pain in my knees about every step I took.  I got tired of the constant pain, so I decided to see my ortho doctor.  He referred me to PT for my knee, and I chose Kinetix to help me get better.  Many thanks to Dr Josh, Raj, Daniel, Carter, and Chase for doing such an awesome job of helping me walk mostly pain free.  You all are the best!


  • During a car crash, I suffered a brain bleed and injuries to my neck, arm, and leg.  My speech, balance, coordination, and strength were all affected.  After 12 months of treatment with my PT Scott, PTA Eric and the team, I have control over my balance, have regained strength, and gained confidence.  I can now run a 6.5 minute mile again.  They give great advice and have a wealth of knowledge.  Listen to them, work hard, and take your life back!


  • I came to Kinetix with sciatica, hip bursitis, and a quadriceps injury.  Scott and Emily have been great at helping me fully recover from bursitis and injury.  They have helped me to manage my sciatica so that I can avoid major back surgery.  The staff at Kinetix are fantastic!


  • For several months I have suffered with pain in my left shoulder and arm.  This made it very difficult to sleep and lift items.  Kinetix had an ad on Facebook about a workshop on shoulder pain – which I attended and signed up that day for treatment.  Now after several weeks of PT with guidance from Jason, Eric, and help from Rachel I am now well on my way back to a normal pain free day.  Thank you Kinetix!


  • I have had an excellent experience receiving treatment from Dr Cui and Courtney.  I was in constant pain before I started here.  I felt back pain while working, driving, sleeping, and sometimes sitting.  I was having trouble managing the pain.  After my treatment here, I can say I am pain free.  Not only that, but Dr Cui provided additional exercises I can do to ensure my recovery.  I highly recommend visiting Kinetix and will come here again if I need to.


  • With the help of my PT, Jason Candler, and the Kinetix team, my quality of living has drastically improved.  Before starting physical therapy, there were mornings that I couldn’t extend my arm.  Now, I can not only extend, but continue with my daily activities AND exercise with little to no pain.  I am very grateful to Jason and Travis that helped me at Kinetix.  Thank you!


  • Rafael Cui was my therapist.  He’s courteous, professional, and had my best interest in mind.  I looked forward to our physical therapy sessions.  My back pain was between a 7-8 which forced me to sleep in a chair and limited my performance of any daily activities.  My pain is now gone allowing me to be more active.  Working with Rafael was a pleasure.  He made a difference!


  • Before physical therapy I could barely lift or grip with my left hand.  After physical therapy, I feel as if my hand and wrist are both stronger.  I’m back to my normal work duties with full sensation in both.  My physical therapist Joshua Elam, his PTA Carter Meyers, and Austin were awesome and challenged me to improve both my grip and overall strength.  They really got me to achieve results.


  • I am extremely satisfied with the effectiveness, courtesy, and professionalism that I encountered here at Kinetix Physical Therapy.  My post-surgery movement limitations have decreased significantly, and I am leaving with a positive attitude and plan for continuing movement!  I am at 90% of my goals, pain free, medication free, and very pleased with my ability to function.  Thank you to my physical therapy Dr. Tony Cere, his PTA Carter Meyers, and all the staff.  You exceeded my expectations!


  • I came to physical therapy with excruciating back pain.  It was hard to walk, bend, and lift objects.  My physical therapist, Dr. Scott Eddins, did a very detailed exam and decide my exercises for the following weeks.  Deep tissue laser was added to the treatment and in less than 4 weeks (2-3 sessions per week) I recovered full mobility and I was pain free!  Kinetix has the best team of professionals, working together for the patients.  The compassionate way they treat their patients is remarkable.  Highly recommended!!


  • Before I came to Kinetix, I was unable to continue participation in cross country at my school.  Now I can run again after working with my physical therapist, Dr. Tony Cere, and his intern, Ana, to strengthen my legs and hamstrings.  My balance has greatly improved and I can build back up my running stamina.  This place is full of welcoming people and everyone is so nice.  Special thanks to Ana for helping me so much and being so personable.


  • Before PT, I would get a dizzy/spinning feeling when turning over in bed. I’d also get dizzy during some yoga movements.  When getting up from my desk, on several occasions, I couldn’t even walk a straight line.  All those symptoms are gone!  My amazing PT was Dr. Josh Elam. My PTA was Carter and Kevin helped me as well.


  • My story began after a work-related accident that tore various tendons in both shoulders. The Kinetix front office team was very friendly and efficient in getting me set up right away with my PT, Tony Cere. While awaiting surgery on my right arm, he made a plan to help with the pain I was having. Sleeping in bed was painful so I had to sleep in a recliner and couldn’t lift or reach.  After surgery, Tony and his awesome PTA, Eric Nadler, helped me to regain range of motion.  Lucky for me, Kinetix had just received the deep tissue laser, which became an integral part of my therapy, over the next several months.  James used the laser while Tony simultaneously did the manual therapy and it really did help with the pain and allowed for better range of motion.  When that arm was better, I had surgery on the left shoulder.  Again, everyone at Kinetix was there to rehab both shoulders.  Today, I had my final visit at Kinetix!  My range of motion is great in both shoulders, I’m sleeping in a bed, and I can lift and reach. It’s been a long road to recovery, but I couldn’t imagine going to a more caring and knowledgeable team of professionals than Kinetix.  Thanks to the entire Kinetix team!


  • When I began physical therapy, I was very hopeless, because of two accidents just five days apart from each other.  After a couple weeks of doing strengthening exercises for my back and also being consistent with exercising at home, I saw a difference with my body.  The results at Kinetix were unbelievable.  I am very grateful to have worked with my very skilled and professional Physical Therapists, Tony Cere and Scott Eddins.  Not to mention, their assistants were great as well!  They all played a part in my proper healing.


  • My lower extremity function scales before and after Kinetix physical therapy says it all! I had an ankle fracture requiring a plate and screws, with 3 ½ months of non-weight bearing.  I could not stand for any length of time, walk any distance, cook, clean, or even bathe without assistance. I came here using a walker and am now leaving with no assisted devices! I rock my pedal assist bike (new to me) 50 miles last week! This is all thanks to my therapist, Jason Candler, and his assistants, Asha and Austin! They continually monitored my program, made changes, and increased levels of difficulty to guarantee my success!


  • Before doing PT at Kinetix, I was barely able to go up and down the stairs because my knee would flair up. I also had a lot of trouble getting up and sitting down. However, Katherine and Tony helped me out a lot. Manual therapy was very helpful in relieving pain and the exercises helped strengthen my knee and get me back a lot quicker than I thought I would. Thank you, Kinetix! -Adham


  • Before coming to Kinetix I experienced vertigo and dizzy spells daily.  I was extremely frustrated and began to modify my behaviors to avoid an episode.  After therapy, I no longer experience vertigo and only very rarely have dizzy spells.  Tony and the rest of the team were understanding, patient, and friendly.  I am so thankful they were able to help!


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