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  • I came to Kinetix because of severe pain in my shoulder that kept me from sleeping, without pain medication, for about two weeks. After the first week of therapy at Kinetix, I could go to sleep without pain medication and have improved ever since! Now I feel as though I can resume my regular lifestyle and activities. I plan to continue the exercises to ensure 100% recovery and to strengthen the muscles I need to prevent it from happening again. I sincerely appreciate all that Gwen Creel and Eric Nadler have done for me.

    Frank T

  • I came to Kinetix PT for my tennis elbow. My arm was swollen and I was unable to straighten it. After PT, I am now able to straighten my arm and play with my grandchildren! Thanks to my PT, Jason Candler!


  • After my accident I went through several months of therapy but couldn’t fully recover. Shoulder surgery to repair my torn tendon was performed and that tendon was repaired, but the bicep tendon was found to be damaged and not repairable. I spent five months in PT post-op, and thoroughly enjoyed getting stronger and returning to normal flexibility, here at Kinetix. I also learned better lifting and carrying techniques, to enable me to fully work and play again. Jason and Eric are very friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, and experienced. I recommend them above all other PT clinics I’ve been to. I’m happy to be considered a success story here. Thanks to everyone here and good luck in the future!


  • I was two months out of SLAP surgery when I came to Kinetix. My range of motion was much more limited and I had not made great progress during that time. At Kinetix, Dr Tony Cere and Heather Alberico took great care to ensure I was receiving superior quality physical therapy. Not only that, but they worked with me to ensure I had a competent exercise plan at home too. They were always friendly and nice to talk to as well!


  • Before I started PT, I had trouble balancing and had a lot of pain in my ankle and knee. I’m so thankful that I was able to come to Kinetix because the therapists and staff are so knowledgeable and kind. I’m able to stand on one leg much longer than I have in a long time. I have more strength in my leg and can walk around now without any pain. The best part is that I have the knowledge to continue these exercises for the rest of my life because they explained everything I needed to know to help me stay healthy and strong. Thanks to my PT, Jason Candler, and my PTA, Eric Nadler, Rikki and all the staff! Now I can get back to my adventures!

    Anne H

  • I was referred to Kinetix due to a rotator cuff injury in both of my shoulders. I was treated by Dr. Jason Candler and Eric Nadler, as well as some excellent interns. This team is not only excellent, but also patient and took the time to explain why certain techniques were used in therapy. This group of individuals are knowledgeable and create a relaxed environment. When I started, I couldn’t lift a glass off the shelf without severe pain. With hard work and treatment, my condition has been rectified. I have gained increased flexibility and strength in both of my arms. I was trained to perform exercises that I can also complete at home. I would not hesitate to recommend Kinetix. Thank you!

    Ward D

  • My visit, to Kinetix, has been very good. I am pleased with the result since coming here. When I started, I had problems with standing, walking, and dizziness. Since that time, I am not experiencing any dizziness and I am able to walk and stand better. My PT, Tony Cere, and all the staff are great and I enjoyed my experience here. Thank you so much!


  • I had incurred a back injury that caused extreme pain. I could not stand up straight or walk for any distance. My doctor prescribed physical therapy at Kinetix. My PT, Scott Eddins, and crew analyzed my problem and come up with a treatment plan consisting of a progressive set of stretches and exercises. After just one session, I was able to stand normally and walk a good distance without any difficulty. After four weeks of therapy, I feel I can return to my normal level of activity. Many thanks to the staff at Kinetix for treating my problem.

    Don H

  • I have had trouble with sitting and standing for long periods of time before coming to PT. Now I’m able to sit for hours without any pain. PT has been the best thing I’ve been committed to over the last month. It has helped me to be determined to getting back to normal physically, without being in pain. I am going to continue the exercises that I was taught, to keep me pain free! I want to thank the staff that has helped me the last four weeks, especially Scott Eddins and Eric Nadler. I have progressed so much!

    Jasmine A

  • I had pain going down the left side of my leg. I was in pain 24/7. PT was the right decision and made a huge difference – no longer in pain 24/7 and I can sleep at night without aspirin! I had tried so many other things with no results! Thank you to my PT, Tony Cere and my PTA, Eric Nadler.

    Suzanne S

  • My shoulder was hurting so I knew that Kinetix Physical Therapy was a great place to rehab. Tony, my physical therapist, figured out quickly what was wrong and designed a plan for me. I was lucky to have a “team” of staff and interns who guided me through my recovery. Leah and Scott, kept me laughing as I complained about the increased reps! Hardik gave wonderful suggestions for things I could do from home. I am so thankful for Tony’s attention to detail. It shows in every person who works here and in the welcoming and professional atmosphere.

    Linda B.

  • When I came to Kinetix Physical Therapy, I had difficulty picking up something from the floor or even putting on my socks. Walking was painful in my lower back and leg. Pain has now been remedied and I can resume my normal activities, including playing golf. Thanks, Tony Cere!

    Don T.

  • I had trouble with my core strength and my balance when I started at Kinetix with my PT, Scott Eddins. I can now walk without holding on to something! I can now step up or down without losing my balance! I can now stand up from a seated position without pushing up! My improvement is noticed by my family and I am motivated to continue this physical therapy program.

    Shirley M.

  • My experience was very educational. I did not realize the extent to which my neck was involved in my problem. My vertigo had subsided by the time I had my appointment, however I still had some residual equilibrium issues. The PT exercises made me feel that I can now control any future issues I may experience. My PT, Tony Cere, also reassured me that he will be available to me quickly should my vertigo return!

    Coni S.

  • I did not know what to expect when I began the eight sessions. At the end of the eight sessions I was very pleased and satisfied with the treatment and the results. Using your description of my symptoms and Kinetix’s own new patient questionnaire and patient oral interview, a series of exercises were developed for me. Working with the assigned staff and interns, I was pleased with the exercises and the explanation for each exercise and its desired results. My questions were answered in simple easy to understand ‘patient lay language’ so I knew what to expect and how to execute the exercise. I liked that the exercises were also printed out so I had a ‘hard copy’ reference of what and how to do them at home on my own. The PTs had patience and were encouraging, helping each patient achieve his/her potential. After the first session treatment, I have much more flexibility and mobility of my neck. The eight PT sessions have made a very positive difference for me. Kinetix is a busy and active physical therapy business providing treatment to patients/clients of all ages. I like how staff rotated from visit to visit so the patient had the opportunity to work different PTs. Tony Cere, the owner, oversaw the PT team and as needed participated with the therapy routine. As active as this PT practice is, from my patient’s observation, it is an effective and efficiently run practice with the patients receiving the attention they needed for improvement and recovery. If I need additional therapy, I would certainly use Kinetix again. I would recommend this company and PT team to anyone needing physical therapy. Now all I have to do is have the discipline to do the prescribed daily exercises at home. I appreciate having had these sessions as part of my overall health care.

    Rosalyn M.

  • I came to Kinetix Physical Therapy with lower back pain. I was having trouble performing my usual day to day activities and could hardly walk. Thanks to my PT, Tony Cere, and also to Wayne and Hardik, I was able to get back to normal very quickly. They helped me out with great exercises and therapy. They are all-around great people as well! Wayne and Hardik made coming in during the early morning hours a very fun and memorable experience. Thank you guys!

    Adham Q.

  • I came to Kinetix in pain and had difficulty bending over, sleeping and it even hurt to walk. My PT, Scott Eddins, and my PTA, Eric Nadler helped me feel better. Now I enjoy the exercises and my life is so much better.

    Maya Z.

  • I had persistent knee pain after any sustained physical activity. The pain mad me unmotivated for exercising and outdoor activities. After a few weeks of PT with my therapist, Jason, my knee pain is virtually gone and I don’t have to worry about aggravating it with activity. At Kinetix Physical Therapy, these guys know their stuff!!

    Jason W.

  • I have been to Kinetix several times in the past. This time, I came for treatment to get help for my migraine headaches. I also had shoulder tightness which was painful to even touch. Now, I am not having any migraines or pain in my shoulder since getting treatment. I will come back for future needs and possibly a “tune up” to my body. Thank you!!

    Hattie B.

  • I came to PT because of a decrease in my balance and gait. After working with my physical therapist, Scott Eddins, both have made at least a 50% or more improvement. I shuffle less when I walk and I have had improvement in my mobility, endurance and posture.

    Albert F.

  • Kinetix is a great place! I came in with extreme tightness and pain in my neck. My physical therapist, Gwen Creel, tested everything and put me on a course to improve with exercises and stretches. I am leaving today with great improvement and a plan of maintenance to keep the pain from coming back again. Kinetix is a very friendly place where they take time to really work with you and make you better.

    Lori A.

  • When I first stepped into Kinetix, I could barely walk. I was frustrated and scared. I got frustrated often and they never treated me like that was a bad thing. By the time I left, I was confident and determined! I would definitely recommend my PT, Scott Eddins and my PTA, Eric Nadler! I would not be walking as well or as fast without their help and support.

    Josh T.

  • This has been a very encouraging and productive experience! I came in on a cane with an unsteady balance. Through hard work, I no longer use the cane and balance is much better. Working with my PT, Scott Eddins, has truly given me the tools to continue with the most possible normality in day to day living. Thank you to Matt for helping me with my exercises too.

    Linda E.

  • Before I came to Kinetix, I had difficulty performing in swimming because of shoulder pain. My experience here was amazing! Everyone was so nice and kind. My PT, Tony Cere and my PTA, Eric Nadler, along with Ryan, Wayne and Leah really helped me on my journey to recovery. Now that my shoulder is better, I now have no trouble swimming and have gotten back into my groove! Thank you all so much.

    Chloe F.

  • I have dermatomyositis which is an inflammation that is breaking down my muscles. Thanks to my PT, Tony Cere at Kinetix, I have muscles that I can see and use! I am thrilled and so is my physician. Thank you Kinetix Team!

    Mary M.

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