Patient Testimonials

  • I have chronic neck problems which cause migraines and limit my activities.  Leanne Quinn has been the best physical therapist I have ever worked with.  She provides a range of therapies: massage, exercises, ultrasound, and hot/cold packs.  Additionally, she and Rikki are both upbeat and encouraging and easy to work with.  I will definitely be back!  Many thanks!  Debra


  • My PT, Leanne, is great! She made PT fun. I would highly recommend Kinetix to anyone because of the fun and supportive environment.


  • Before PT, I was having problems with my right hip, leg, back and sciatic pain going down my left leg.  I feel that most of my problems have been taken care of due to Dr. Scott, Carter and Kevin and all the others helping me.  I found all of them to be very attentive, thoughtful, answering all my questions and giving me good advice to take home with me.  Their work ethic was honestly right up there and spot on.   This is a great group of caring people.  I will be back if needed. – Joetta


  • Dr Reidy and his interns demonstrated caring, compassion, and deep knowledge.  The combination of tissue work, stretching, and strengthening calmed my pain and inflammation over the weeks I attended therapy here.  I’ve learned skills that I can continue to use to keep myself pain free and prevent future injury.  Ruth


  • When I started PT, I could not fully extend my arm.  Thanks to Dr. Josh and Raj, I am now able to do dishes and sweep floors, which my sisters are very happy about.  – Ethan


  • Dr. Scott, Josh and Matt have done an excellent job helping to get me back to my normal activities, after my car accident. My accident affected my ability to do many things, including laundry, driving and working but now I am able to get back to those activities. I can’t say how much I appreciate all the assistance I got at Kinetix. – Andrea


  • Before coming to Kinetix, I had trouble walking without getting off balance, it became a daily struggle.  After a short time of coming once a week, I feel back to normal again.  No more worries of going out and having to hang on to something for balance.  The Kinetix team was great, helping me during the process.  Chantay


  • The team of therapists have been diligent in maintaining my strength I have lost due to spinal stenosis and peripheral neuropathy.  At my age it is important to retain, and if possible, improve my capacity to function. I feel I’ve improved in these areas, for which I am thankful.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Josh Elam, Carter and Raj.  ~Ted


  • I was having lower back pain that affected pretty much everything I did.  After working with, Josh and Dr. Jacob, I am now pain free and able to go about my life without worrying about back pain. – Russell


  • Before coming to Kinetix, I experienced vertigo for the first time after a massage appointment.  I saw the Facebook ad about the balance/dizziness workshop so I signed up.  Kinetix was also recommended by a colleague.  After working for two weeks with Jacob, my dizziness is totally gone!   Really appreciate how well Jacob explained everything that was happening and why it was happening.  It made a scary experience with vertigo A LOT better! – Amy


  • The Kinetix family should be proud of the treatment culture they’ve created. The building blocks of that culture started with a vision to provide exemplary treatment protocols to heal their clients and a business model that focused on hiring the best skilled therapists and staff and a fun, professional environment to work. My PTA, Carter, was awesome. Thanks to his motivational skills, I have improved more than I thought possible.  The entire office support staff rocks too!  I recommend Kinetix to my friends and family.    ~Theresa


  • marion lemoyne testimoinial kinetix pt

    It’s hard to even remember how incapacitated I was, only 6-7 weeks ago. Now I am back to normal activities- stretching and strengthening has been a great benefit. I’m still hoping that all back pain will disappear, but I will certainly keep working to increase those chances. Katherine has “magic fingers”, her manual therapy is heavenly. Thanks, Tony Cere!


  • tara testimonial kinetix pt

    Before coming to Kinetix I experienced vertigo and dizzy spells daily. I was extremely frustrated and began to modify my behaviors to avoid an episode. After therapy, I no longer experience vertigo and only very rarely have dizzy spells. Tony and the rest of the team were understanding, patient, and friendly. I am so thankful they were able to help!


  • spicea bergman kinetix pt testimonial

    I came in with vertigo. Fortunately, it was the kind that PT could fix. Two weeks later and I am much better. Thanks to Tony Cere and Eric Nadler! Also, I had the laser therapy for shoulder pain and it has helped tremendously.


  • adham testimonial therapy fit pt

    Before doing PT at Kinetix, I was barely able to go up and down the stairs because my knee would flair up. I also had a lot of trouble getting up and sitting down. However, Katherine and Tony helped me out a lot. Manual therapy was very helpful in relieving pain and the exercises helped strengthen my knee and get me back a lot quicker than I thought I would. Thank you, Kinetix! -Adham

    Adham O.

  • dorothea therapy fit testimonial

    My time here has been enlightening! The exercises I have learned are so helpful and I can and will continue them at home. The staff here is the best, and they are so friendly and fun! My therapist was Rafael Cui, he was superior in his instruction and has helped me so much. He is #1! I feel much stronger now all thanks to Kinetix.

    Dorothea M.

  • dan martin testimonial kinetix pt

    My story began after a work-related accident that tore various tendons in both shoulders. The Kinetix front office team was very friendly and efficient in getting me set up right away with my PT, Tony Cere. While awaiting surgery on my right arm, he made a plan to help with the pain I was having. Sleeping in bed was painful so I had to sleep in a recliner and couldn’t lift or reach. After surgery, Tony and his awesome PTA, Eric Nadler, helped me to regain range of motion. Lucky for me, Kinetix had just received the deep tissue laser, which became an integral part of my therapy, over the next several months. James used the laser while Tony simultaneously did the manual therapy and it really did help with the pain and allowed for better range of motion. When that arm was better, I had surgery on the left shoulder. Again, everyone at Kinetix was there to rehab both shoulders. Today, I had my final visit at Kinetix! My range of motion is great in both shoulders, I’m sleeping in a bed, and I can lift and reach. It’s been a long road to recovery, but I couldn’t imagine going to a more caring and knowledgeable team of professionals than Kinetix. Thanks to the entire Kinetix team!

    Dan M.

  • Before I came to Kinetix, I was unable to continue participation in cross country at my school. Now I can run again after working with my physical therapist, Dr. Tony Cere, and his intern, Ana, to strengthen my legs and hamstrings. My balance has greatly improved and I can build back up my running stamina. This place is full of welcoming people and everyone is so nice. Special thanks to Ana for helping me so much and being so personable.

    Rebecca B.

  • I came to physical therapy with excruciating back pain. It was hard to walk, bend, and lift objects. My physical therapist, Dr. Scott Eddins, did a very detailed exam and decide my exercises for the following weeks. Deep tissue laser was added to the treatment and in less than 4 weeks (2-3 sessions per week) I recovered full mobility and I was pain free! Kinetix has the best team of professionals, working together for the patients. The compassionate way they treat their patients is remarkable. Highly recommended!!

    Maria C.

  • caleb testimoinial kinetix physical therapy

    Before physical therapy I could barely lift or grip with my left hand. After physical therapy, I feel as if my hand and wrist are both stronger. I’m back to my normal work duties with full sensation in both. My physical therapist Joshua Elam, his PTA Carter Meyers, and Austin were awesome and challenged me to improve both my grip and overall strength. They really got me to achieve results.

    Caleb R.

  • Rafael Cui was my therapist. He’s courteous, professional, and had my best interest in mind. I looked forward to our physical therapy sessions. My back pain was between a 7-8 which forced me to sleep in a chair and limited my performance of any daily activities. My pain is now gone allowing me to be more active. Working with Rafael was a pleasure. He made a difference!

    Harry T.