Kinetix Physical Therapy in Gainesville, FL

Treating general orthopedic conditions with a manual-therapy approach, Kinetix Physical Therapy in Gainesville, FL is distinguished for its success in helping patients with spine-related dysfunctions, pelvic health conditions, vestibular rehabilitation and auto-accident related issues.

We stress a scientific approach combined with compassionate care and exceptional patient service to help you return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Florida is a direct access state meaning you can see your physical therapist without a referral for 30 days. Early intervention has been proven beneficial to your earlier and more complete recovery.


Our physical therapy clinic brings motion to life

Our physical therapy clinic situated at 2783 SW 87th Drive, Suite 102 in Gainesville, FL welcomes calls from patients whether or not they have a referral from their physicians. We can assess your injury or condition and offer treatment for up to 30 days before you need a referral as we have stated above. So if you need sports physical therapy in Gainesville, FL or treatment for various types of pain, you can depend on us for the professional care you deserve.

The commitment to science at our physical therapy practice in Gainesville is exemplified through our participation in research and teaching endeavors with the University of Florida’s Physical Therapy Department.

You are an individual, not a statistic to us, and that is evident from the moment you step into our clinic. Your wellness and the prevention of recurring injuries is our primary concern. To achieve that, we maintain excellent relationships with the physicians who refer you to us so you can received optimal and coordinated care.

Evidence from scientific studies supports the importance of early intervention in the treatment of sprains and injuries as well as post-operative care in ensuring your complete recovery.

Dr. Anthony Cere and Dr. Melissa Cere founded Kinetix Physical Therapy clinic in Gainesville, Florida in 2008 and, along with their impressively credentialed staff, continue to experience success even in cases where patients had given up hope of pain relief. We treat a wide range of patients from school-age children to geriatrics. Contact us for more info about our professional services.

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